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HERfinance Digital Wages

Toolkit for Factory Managers

HERfinance Digital Wages Toolkit is a technology tool to support managers to transition from cash to digital wages. Based on learning from HERfinance Digital Wages program in Bangladesh, this toolkit helps employers and managers to digitize their payroll in a responsible way that considers the needs of all workers, particularly female workers.

An online version is available in  English, Arabic, Bangla, Khmer, and Simplified Chinese.

An offline, mobile app format can be downloaded from the App store and is optimized for smart phones and tablets.

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HERhealth Toolkit for Managing Workplace Health Systems

This toolkit provides management direction in assessing the quality of a company’s health functions and helps managers and health staff set concrete targets. The purpose is to produce better health and business results from your existing workplace health and wellness investments, allocate resources more effectively, and address high priority needs of women and men workers.

The toolkit includes resources for management and resources for health staff.

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Additional HERhealth Toolkit Resources

Overview and Business Case

Resources for Health Staff

Resources for Health Management