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Our HERproject strategy includes an immediate response, providing critical support for workers—especially for women in the short term (see our resources below)—and a longer-term response, working on plans for HERproject to contribute to building a more resilient future.


In response to the COVID-19 crisis, HERproject has begun developing HERessentials: a new package to help workers, and especially women workers, to build their adaptive capacity and resilience in the face of crisis. HERessentials is designed as a response to the COVID-19 crisis and recovery in supply chains but can be repurposed during other times of stress. The package includes open source digitized resources for workers and managers.

Drawing on HERproject’s extensive implementation experience and learning materials, HERessentials uses a range of digital solutions to allow workers to complete trainings and access important resources at distance. HERessentials also draws heavily on the Empower@Work Collaborative Toolkit: a joint resource that pools the expertise and knowledge of HERproject, CARE International, Gap’s P.A.C.E. Program, and ILO/IFC Better Work. The Empower@Work Collaborative will input on design, support dissemination, and share learnings to influence policy makers.

Through these activities, HERessentials aims to:

  • Empower workers through access to critical information from the Empower@Work toolkit at a time when traditional in-person trainings cannot be implemented
  • Equip managers to provide a supportive and inclusive work environment through a distinct manager toolkit developed for crisis situations
  • Promote increased supplier ownership for worker health and wellbeing to support building back better

Resources by Program

HERhealth logo

COVID-19 Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Materials

We have repurposed HERhealth-specific resources (e.g. handwashing) and compiled locally relevant hygiene resources. We are sharing with brands and partners at the global and local levels, our implementing partners, and suppliers. Workers are already picking up and mobilizing these resources—for example, through Facebook groups of peer educators in Vietnam and through WhatsApp worker groups in India.

Please contact us for access to HERhealth and COVID-19 IEC materials for all HERproject countries and in local languages.

HERproject Empower@Work and Labor Solutions App Collaboration

We are leveraging HERproject and Empower@Work resources to develop curriculum with Labor Solutions for their new free e-learning app ATUN.

This app provides e-learning in local languages for handwashing and hygiene during COVID-19, financial tools during a crisis, managing conflicts at home, etcetera. The app is available for Android in Vietnam and Indonesia and is currently in development for launch in Cambodia and India as well.

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Digital Wages Toolkit for Managers

Based on learnings from HERfinance Digital Wages Program in Bangladesh, HERfinance Digital Wages Toolkit is a technology tool to support managers to transition from cash to digital wages in a responsible way that considers the needs of workers, particularly female workers.

An online version is available in  English, Bangla, Khmer, and Simplified Chinese.

An offline, mobile app format can be downloaded from the Google Play store and is optimized for Android smart phones and tablets.

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Digital Wages Tech Learning Tool for Workers

HERfinance Digital Wages Tech Learning Tool uses engaging films, quizzes, and animations to support workers to increase their financial health and benefit from digital wages.

HERfinance Digital Wages Tech Learning Tool, developed with QuizRR, includes six training modules, each 15-20 minutes long, based on HERfinance Digital Wages training curriculum.

HERfinance Digital Wages Tech Learning Tool is available in Bangla and Khmer.

The videos and animations in the Tool have been added to HERproject youtube channel for easy access and use.