Digital wages infographic

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The Problem: Cash is Risky, Inefficient, and Disempowering

280 million adults globally receive their private sector wages in cash.

  • Employers face the risk of theft or fraud in the transportation and distribution of cash wages.
  • The loss or theft of cash wages can significantly reduce take home pay for workers.
  • Employers expend extensive resources in administering cash payroll, from counting cash to distributing it.
  • Workers often have to stand in line to receive cash wages, which cuts into their productive or personal time.
  • Women have less control over their wages when they are paid in cash.
  • Cash inhibits savings, which reduces workers’ resilience to economic shocks such as illness or loss of employment.

The Solution

BSR is partnering with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to digitize wage payments for low-income workers in global supply chains.

  • We work directly with employers to support their transition from cash to digital payroll, allowing workers to receive their wages instantly and transparently into a formal account.
  • We provide factory management and workers with training based on the HERfinance methodology to ease their transition to digital wages.

The Impact

By converting wage payments from cash to digital, we can close the financial inclusion gap for millions of low-income workers, especially women.

  • Increase timeliness, transparency, and efficiency of payroll systems.
  • Support equal access to finance for men and women to help them break the cycle of poverty.
  • Empower women by increasing their control over their finances and influence over household financial decision-making.