Buyers and consumers alike are ever more concerned about workers’ well-being in global supply chains, and the rapid growth of the textiles and garment industry in India in recent years has brought increased attention to working conditions and standards in the industry. One of the most serious challenges in the textiles and garment sector is tackling the issue of sexual harassment in factories and other workplaces.

To help leaders in the textile and garment sector promote a safe working environment for women, BSR has developed the "Women's Safety in the Workplace" toolkit, in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry’s Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CII-ITC CESD), and in consultation with its members. The toolkit provides guidance for companies seeking to strengthen their own policies and activities that prevent and address sexual harassment.

As an introduction to the resources of the toolkit, BSR has developed a Toolkit Guide for business leaders. If you are interested in making use of the full toolkit, please write to:


Posted on 2017 June 28. #herrespect, #report

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