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Gender-Responsive Wage Digitization in the Garment Sector a Practical Guide

This guide offers practical advice on developing and delivering wage digitization programs that can lead to women's economic empowerment.

Wage digitization that considers the needs of female workers has the potential to boost women’s economic empowerment. However, for women to realize these benefits, it is critical that gender is built in from the start of any wage digitization program. This guide offers development and financial inclusion practitioners practical advice based on learning and insight from HERfinance Digital Wages program in Bangladesh.  It covers three key lessons for developing and delivering wage digitization programs that can lead to women’s economic empowerment:

  1. Designing gender-responsive wage digitization programs
  2. Building financial capability for female garment workers
  3. Tackling gender norms to increase control over wages


Posted on 2021 October 26. #herfinance, #report

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Smita Nimilita, HERproject Country Representative | Bangladesh; Isadora Loreto, Manager, HERproject | France; Ella Moffat, Manager | France