Today, on International Women’s Day, I found myself reflecting on BSR’s work in women’s empowerment. Last summer, I had the privilege of attending the annual BSR HERproject convening in Thailand, where I spoke to representatives from NGOs in the nine countries where we work. Since its inception six years ago, HERproject has reached more than 200,000 women in 150 factories and farms across the globe, increasing health awareness through sustainable workplace programs.

The impact of HERproject, however, is far greater than the numbers tell. “It has given a new life to young girls,” says Nazneen Huq, executive director of Change Associates in Bangladesh. Nazneen, along with other women from HERproject's global civil society partners, shares her story in our latest video:


Building on its success in health empowerment, HERproject recently launched a second initiative focused on improving financial literacy and inclusion for factory workers in global supply chains. Piloted in India, HERfinance addresses systematic barriers to financial inclusion for the working poor, such as awareness, physical access, and eligibility.

Of course, health education and financial literacy are just a few of the challenges women and girls in developing countries face. Take our women’s empowerment poll on Facebook, and let us know what you think are the most pressing issues of today.

Posted on 2013 March 8. #blog, #herfinance, #herhealth

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