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About HERrespect

Promoting gender equality and tackling violence against women

Many female workers in global supply chains experience high levels of harassment and violence, both in the workplace and in their personal relationships. This violence, which can be economic, emotional, physical, or sexual, deprives women of their basic human rights and compromises their well-being. In addition, an increasing amount of evidence shows that when the well-being of workers suffers, businesses and economies are negatively impacted. Violence against women is bad for business and there is a high cost to inaction.


HERrespect tackles violence against women by addressing the root causes of violence in the workplace. These causes include:

  • A general acceptance of harassment and violence against women in the workplace and a lack of awareness of the significances of unequal gender roles and norms
  • A lack of essential skills among management to handle stressful environments, and a perception of violence as the most accessible and effective way to achieve production targets
  • Dominant gender norms that reinforce the unequal relationship between managers and workers
  • A lack of gender-specific policies and systems to prevent and act on violence, and a lack of communication regarding these policies to managers and workers

Focus Areas

HERrespect utilizes the HERproject methodology of capacity building and workplace system strengthening, with the following focus areas.

Capacity Building

Workplace System Strengthening

Critical Reflections on Gender Norms

Policies and Processes to Prevent and Address Workplace Violence

Skill Building to Prevent and Address Violence

Awareness Campaigns and Monitoring of Programs

Joint Sessions Between Workers and Management

Linkages to Community Services and Local Initiatives

HERproject is Generously Supported by

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation C&A Foundation GAIN Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Takeda The Walt Disney Company UK Government What Works

HERproject Company Participants

HERproject Mission

To unlock the full potential of women working in global supply chains through workplace programs promoting health, financial inclusion, and gender equality. Download an overview of HERproject. Download an overview of HERproject.

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