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HERproject Implementing Partners


Change Associates, HERproject country management
Change Associates is a women-led organization committed to actively promoting and advocating for the empowerment of Bangladeshi women, less privileged citizens, and female workers. Change provides training, research, and consultancy services for the corporate and development sectors, and works with local and global brands, NGOs, INGOs, government stakeholders, and research organizations, among others. Change is currently responsible for the overall management of HERproject programs in Bangladesh. It also implements HERhealth programs in the Dhaka area.

MAMATA, HERhealth implementing partner, Chittagong
MAMATA was formed in 1983 with the initiative and drive of a group of dedicated social workers of the Chittagong City of Bangladesh to establish and ensure health and family welfare services, poverty alleviation, socio-economic development, and gender and human rights. MAMATA’s mission is to improve the socio-economic conditions of disadvantaged groups and establish their rights guaranteed by the constitution of Bangladesh and International Charters, where Bangladesh is one of the signatories. MAMATA envisions a health-hazard free and poverty-alleviated Bangladesh that upholdsall basic human rights. MAMATA currently implements HERhealth programs in the Chittagong area.


BetterWork, HERproject country management
Better Work is an innovative partnership between the International Labour Organization and the International Finance Corporation that aims to improve compliance with labor standards and competitiveness in global supply chains. Through its global and country-level programs, it brings together governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and international buyers to address poor working conditions in the garment sector and improve the lives of millions of workers. For more information, please visit BSR and Better Work are partnering to expand HERproject into new countries and to leverage shared networks and commitments to expand company support for women’s empowerment and health.


BSR is the implementing partner for all programs in China


Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA), HERrespect Implementing Partner
The Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) is an association of commercial farms engaged in the production and export of horticultural products. EHPEA promotes and safeguards the competitive position of the Ethiopian horticulture sector within the global market. In 2014, HERproject partnered with EHPEA to establish a gender training team that delivers programs to grower-member farms. EHPEA implements a tailored version combining elements of HERhealth and HERrespect.


Share Hope, HERhealth implementing partner
The Share Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization which owns a for-profit subsidiary, both operating in Haiti. This dual structure allows Share Hope to provide social services funded from charity and philanthropy, while at same time being active as an intermediary between retailers and manufacturers in developing countries such as Haiti. The vision of Share Hope is “To improve the living standards of workers in developing countries by encouraging responsible and sustainable consumer/producer relationships, characterized by ethical sourcing principles, producer-friendly prices and fair wages.” Share Hope currently implements HERhealth programs in Haiti.


Association for Stimulating Know How (ASK), HERfinance Implementing Partner, Delhi
Association for Stimulating Know How is a capacity building organisation working with grassroots communities, NGOs, the government, and corporates towards achieving equitable development and social justice.

PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, HERhealth Implementing Partner, Coimbatore/Tirupur
PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research is an institution with a mission to provide world-class medical education to young men and women and to foster research and social development, as well as framing appropriate strategies for health care and medical services for rural and urban communities.

Swasti, HERfinance and HERhealth Implementing Partner, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai; HERrespect Implementing Partner, Bangalore
Swasti is an international non-profit health resource centre, headquartered in Bangalore and working towards improving the health outcomes of vulnerable communities. Swasti’s core areas of expertise are Sexual and Reproductive Health, Life Skills Initiatives, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Human Resources in Health, Gender Based Violence, and Technology in Public Health. Swasti has close to a decade of experience in workforce development initiatives and has been providing strategic and quality assurance support to several workforce development initiatives. Swasti and HERproject work together on designing and implementing additional HERproject tools and projects to improve the lives of low-income workers and communities.


MICRA, HERfinance implementing partner
Microfinance Innovation Center for Resources and Alternatives (MICRA), is an Indonesian foundation focusing on development of the microfinance sector. MICRA’s mission is to build the institutional strength and outreach of the Indonesian microfinance sector, by providing a full range of high-quality, best-practice technical inputs and support to all industry stakeholders, in a sustainable and demand-driven manner. As an independent support center, MICRA is committed to promote innovations, transparency, and improved outreach to the poor and ever-improving performance in the microfinance industry. MICRA also proactively involves in activities to alleviate poverty, especially in Indonesia, by empowering every available source in the industry.

Yayasan Balita Sehat (YBS) - Foundation for Mother and Child Health (FMCH), HERhealth implementing partner, Jakarta
YBS is the Indonesian branch of FMCH, a UK-based nonprofit organization established in 2001. FMCH’s first programs in Jakarta were set up in response to the Indonesian economic crisis at the time, which resulted in large numbers of Indonesian children becoming seriously malnourished. YBS implements HERhealth programs in garment factories in Indonesia (the Greater Jakarta area (Jabodetabek), West Java, Central Java and East Java).


National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE), HERhealth Implementing Partner, Nairobi
NOPE is a Kenyan-based NGO with operations in the East African region that improves the well-being of youth, workers, and the country’s most at-risk populations by providing highly customized sexual and reproductive health and social services. NOPE implements HERhealth programs in farms as well as tea cooperatives in Kenya.


Yo quiero, Yo puedo, HERfinance implementing partner, Mexico
The Mexican Institute for Family and Population Research (IMIFAP) - “Yo quiero, Yo puedo” (“I want to, I can”) is a Mexican non-governmental organization with the mission to “design and facilitate strategies and programs for people to develop behaviors that allow them to assume control of their lives, achieve their full potential and contribute to the improvement of their environment,” Yo quiero, Yo puedo works in the areas of education, health, citizenship and productivity in order to empower individuals to improve their behaviors in relation to their wellbeing.


KT Care Foundation, HERhealth Implementing Partner
KT Care is a non-profit organization that conducts emergency response and supports the economic development, capacity building, and social and physical well-being of people in need. In order to improve the socio-economic status of vulnerable people in Myanmar, KT Care Foundation empowers and educates communities through linking local knowledge and expertise with international networks while providing direct support to local communities.


HANDS, HERhealth implementing partner, Karachi and Lahore
HANDS is a registered NGO in Pakistan, working since 1979 with key programs in health, education, poverty alleviation, disaster management, and other cross cutting programs in social mobilization and advocacy, gender and development, human resource and institutional development, information and communication, monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilization, and social marketing. HANDS’ programs benefit more than 25 million people in 42,000 villages and 29 districts of Pakistan. It implements HERhealth programs in the Karachi and Lahore areas.


Centre for Promotion of Quality of Life (Life Centre), HERhealth implementing partner, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi
Life Centre is an NGO and nonprofit organization registered with the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) since 2007. Life Centre works in partnership with communities, institutions, and organizations.  Its mission is to promote and enhance the quality of life of vulnerable people and communities.

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