Leadership—For and By Women

At HERproject, we are privileged to work with women leaders across the entire supply chain, from the boardroom to the factory floor. We’re proud to work with leaders from global brands, who are making major commitments through HERproject to invest in women (and men) in their supply chains. And we’re equally proud to work with women leaders in factories and on farms, who take on the role of peer educators in HERproject and make a difference for their colleagues and friends.

Both kinds of leaders share a fierce commitment to improving the lives of those around them. This commitment connects their efforts: through HERproject, they are ensuring that women around the world can fulfill their potential. These are the people we look at and think: #ThisIsALeader.


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Below are some of the inspiring brand leaders and peer educators that we are proud to work with. Join the conversation on social media by sharing the story of a woman leader who inspires you, and tell us why with #ThisIsALeader.

One of the best things I’ve learned as a leader is to hire really smart people and know when to step in, and most importantly, when to get out of the way.

Nancy Mahon, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability | The Estée Lauder Companies

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Katrina Zhou

Nancy Mahon

For women and girls who want to be leaders I would say: stay curious about yourself and about the world, because you never know who you can be.

Katrina Zhou, HERproject Trainer | Shanghai, China

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The facts speak for themselves. Women are in the minority when it comes to leadership roles, which can undervalue their potential contribution.

Andrea O'Donnell, President, Fashion Lifestyle | Deckers Brands

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Andrea O'Donnell

Phan Bich Thuy

Thanks to the knowledge they learned in the class, HERproject participants already advised one woman who had a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy.

Phan Bich Thuy, HERhealth Peer Educator | Hai Duong, Vietnam

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I think that being a leader means to hold yourself accountable, be an active listener, be respectful, have self-awareness, and be courageous.

Mandy Seidel, Vice President, Global Sourcing | Pottery Barn

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Mandy Seidel


I am teaching the importance of financial planning to my siblings because I want them to spend money wisely and save for any emergencies we might have.

Sapna, HERfinance Peer Educator | Agra, India

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Being a leader is a balancing act between being okay with the fact that you're imperfect while also always trying to set an example. Both things are always true for any person.

Jen Jackson Brown, President | Nordstrom Product Group

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Jen Jackson Brown

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